When Is The Open Sales Date Of C755 PD-Miniled TV?

Are you eagerly anticipating the open sales date of the remarkable TCL C755 PD-Miniled TV? Look no further! Baolawfirm.com.vn brings you all the essential details you need to know. In this article, we will provide you with a comprehensive overview of the C755 PD-Miniled TV, including its key features When Is The Open Sales Date Of C755 PD-Miniled TV?, release date announcement, and availability at major electronics stores nationwide. Stay up-to-date with the latest information and gain insights into this highly praised MiniLED TV. Let’s dive in and discover when you can get your hands on this cutting-edge television.

When Is The Open Sales Date Of C755 PD-Miniled TV?
When Is The Open Sales Date Of C755 PD-Miniled TV?
Date of Release Announcement: December 29, 2023
Official Release Date: July 20, 2024
Suggested Retail Price: 18,990,000 VND
Screensize: 75 inches
Brightness Level: Ranging up to 2,000 nits (Enhanced contrast and outstanding viewing experience)
Display Resolution: 4K (3840 x 2160)
Refresh Rate: 120Hz- Ensures smooth visuals for fast-paced content
Compatibility: Dolby Vision, HDR10+, MEMC, Android TV 13 and modern connectivity options such as HDMI 2.1, USB 3.0, Bluetooth 5.0, and Wi-Fi 6 for convenient connections to other peripheral devices.

I. Key Features of the C755 PD-MiniLED TV

The TCL C755 PD-MiniLED TV boasts a range of cutting-edge features that enhance your viewing experience. Let’s dive into some of its key highlights:

  • MiniLED 4K 120Hz Display: The C755 PD-MiniLED TV features a distinctive MiniLED display technology, delivering sharp and detailed visuals for an immersive entertainment experience. With a refresh rate of 120Hz, it ensures smooth visuals even during fast-paced content.
  • Brightness and Contrast Enhancement: This television reaches a brightness level of up to 2,000 nits, offering enhanced contrast between dark and bright scenes. It delivers stunning picture quality with striking colors and exceptional clarity.
  • Dolby Vision and HDR10+ Support: Experience cinematic visuals with Dolby Vision and HDR10+ support on the C755 PD-MiniLED TV. These advanced technologies optimize color accuracy, brightness, and contrast for realistic images that truly come to life.
  • Motion Enhancement Technology (MEMC): The MEMC feature minimizes motion blur and jitter when watching fast-moving content such as action movies or sports events. It ensures smoother playback without sacrificing image quality.
  • Built-in Android TV OS: The TV operates on Android TV OS version 13 which brings new enhancements to the user interface along with access to various streaming apps like Netflix, Disney+, YouTube, etc providing users with diverse entertainment options at their fingertips. Premium Connectivity Options: The C755 PD-MiniLED is equipped with modern connectivity options including HDMI 2.1 ports for seamless connection with devices like gaming consoles and soundbars, USB 3.0 for fast data transfer, Bluetooth 5.0 for wireless audio streaming, and Wi-Fi 6 ensuring stable internet connectivity.
Key Features of the C755 PD-MiniLED TV
Key Features of the C755 PD-MiniLED TV

II. Release Date Announcement and Availability

Date Announcement by TCL Vietnam

TCL Vietnam officially disclosed the release date for the highly anticipated C755 PD-MiniLED TV on December 29, 2023. Mark your calendars, as this cutting-edge television will be available for purchase on July 20, 2024. The official release date announcement has created a buzz among TV enthusiasts, who are eagerly waiting to experience the remarkable features of the C755 PD-MiniLED TV. TCL Vietnam’s confirmation has generated excitement and anticipation, as customers now have a specific date to look forward to.

Availability at Major Electronics Stores

Once the release date arrives, the C755 PD-MiniLED TV will be readily available for purchase at major electronics stores nationwide. You will have the opportunity to view and interact with this top-of-the-line MiniLED TV in person, allowing you to make an informed decision before bringing it into your home. In addition to physical stores, customers can also explore online platforms and authorized TCL retailers to conveniently make their purchase. The availability of the C755 PD-MiniLED TV at numerous locations ensures that customers can access this impressive television with ease.

III. Anticipated Price and Availability

Pricing Details

The TCL C755 PD-MiniLED TV is anticipated to be priced at 18,990,000 VND. With its cutting-edge features and advanced display technology, this TV model offers excellent value for its price. The MiniLED 4K display, Dolby Vision, HDR10+ support, and MEMC motion enhancement ensure a captivating viewing experience, making it a desirable choice for consumers looking for immersive entertainment.

TV Model Anticipated Price
TCL C755 PD-MiniLED TV 18,990,000 VND

Availability and Store Locations

The TCL C755 PD-MiniLED TV is set to be available at major electronics stores nationwide. Consumers will have the convenience of purchasing this TV model from a wide range of retail outlets, ensuring easy access and availability. Some of the popular electronics stores where the C755 PD-MiniLED TV is expected to be stocked include national chains and reputable retailers.

Quote: “The TCL C755 PD-MiniLED TV will be available at major electronics stores nationwide, bringing the latest technology and exceptional viewing experience closer to consumers.” – TCL Vietnam

IV. Conclusion

As we conclude our exploration of the TCL C755 PD-MiniLED TV, it is evident that this television boasts impressive features and technologies that enhance the viewing experience. With its MiniLED 4K display, reaching a brightness of up to 2,000 nits, and support for Dolby Vision, HDR10+, and MEMC, users can enjoy stunning visuals and exceptional image contrast. The 120Hz refresh rate ensures smooth visuals, particularly for fast-paced content. Additionally, the TV operates on the latest Android TV 13, offering new and improved features.

When it comes to the open sales date of the C755 PD-MiniLED TV, TCL Vietnam made the official release announcement on December 29, 2023. Consumers can expect this highly regarded television to hit major electronics stores nationwide on July 20, 2024. With a generous screen size of 75 inches and a 4K resolution, this television provides a detailed and immersive viewing experience.

Whether you’re interested in gaming, streaming your favorite shows, or simply enjoying a movie night, the C755 PD-MiniLED TV delivers remarkable performance and convenience. Equipped with modern connectivity options such as HDMI 2.1, USB 3.0, Bluetooth 5.0, and Wi-Fi 6, it allows seamless connections to other peripheral devices.

Stay ahead of the curve and elevate your entertainment experience by keeping an eye out for the open sales date of the TCL C755 PD-MiniLED TV. With its impressive features and anticipated availability, it is undoubtedly a leading contender in the MiniLED TV market.

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