Replacing Chef Chico Shooting Location

This article, featured on, focuses on the “Replacing Chef Chico Shooting Location” and its significance in the filming process of “Replacing Chef Chico” at various shooting locations. We will delve into why the production team chose Manila, Philippines as the primary backdrop and explore key filming locations such as Toyo Eatery restaurant and Fe Del Mundo Hospital. Through this, you will gain insight into the significant role of the “Replacing Chef Chico Shooting Location” in creating an authentic experience for the audience and the collaboration of production companies in this project.

Replacing Chef Chico Shooting Location
Replacing Chef Chico Shooting Location

I. Presentamos el reemplazo del Chef Chico

“Replacing Chef Chico” is a notable addition to the world of Filipino entertainment, marking the first Netflix Original production from the Philippines. This romantic drama series weaves a captivating narrative centered around Ella, an assistant chef at a prestigious restaurant, whose life takes an unexpected turn when head chef Chico is involved in a tragic car accident, leaving him in a coma. With Chico incapacitated, Ella is thrust into the challenging role of running the restaurant’s operations.

If you have a penchant for romantic dramas and a love for delectable cuisine, “Replacing Chef Chico” is a must-watch. What sets this series apart is its meticulous exploration of the cultural influences that shape Filipino cuisine. It not only serves as a heartwarming story of love and self-discovery but also as a culinary journey through the flavors and traditions of the Philippines.

The series is a visual treat, as it was entirely filmed in the vibrant city of Manila, Philippines. From the bustling streets to the serene corners of the city, the show takes viewers on a captivating tour, showcasing the beauty and diversity of Manila. The attention to detail in capturing the essence of the city and its rich culinary heritage is evident throughout the series.

“Replacing Chef Chico” represents a significant milestone for the Philippine entertainment industry, as it highlights the country’s vibrant culture and culinary excellence on a global stage. The series underscores the importance of recognizing and celebrating Filipino cuisine not only within the Philippines but also internationally.

Overall, “Replacing Chef Chico” promises a delightful blend of romance, gastronomy, and cultural exploration. It is a testament to the growing influence of Filipino storytelling in the global entertainment landscape, and it invites viewers to savor both the heartfelt moments and the delicious flavors of the Philippines.

Presentamos el reemplazo del Chef Chico
Presentamos el reemplazo del Chef Chico

II. Replacing Chef Chico shooting location

The replacing chef chico shooting location played a pivotal role in bringing this Filipino romantic drama series to life. This Netflix Original production from the Philippines is not only a compelling narrative of love and culinary adventures but also a visual feast that showcases the beauty and culture of Manila.

The decision to set “Replacing Chef Chico” in Manila, Philippines was intentional and significant. Manila, as the capital and cultural hub of the Philippines, provided a rich backdrop for the series. It allowed the production team to immerse the audience in the vibrant and diverse atmosphere of the city.

One of the standout aspects of the series is its exploration of Filipino cuisine and culture. The shooting locations were carefully selected to authentically represent the essence of Filipino gastronomy. From bustling street markets to upscale restaurants, each location adds depth to the narrative and offers a glimpse into the culinary heritage of the Philippines.

Toyo Eatery, located at The Alley in Karrivin Plaza, is one of the notable shooting locations. While specific scenes filmed there may not be confirmed, the restaurant’s presence in the credits suggests its involvement in the production. Toyo Eatery is renowned for its modern take on Filipino cuisine and is led by the talented Chef Jordy Navarra, known for his international culinary experiences.

In dramatic moments of the series, such as when Chef Chico is involved in a tragic accident, Fe Del Mundo Hospital serves as the backdrop. This private healthcare institution in Quezon City reflects the commitment to realism in storytelling, providing a genuine setting for critical scenes.

“Replacing Chef Chico” is a product of Project 8 CS Studios, with director Dan Villegas also serving as the CEO of the company. It marks a significant achievement as the first Netflix Original from the Philippines. The production received crucial support from CMB Film Services, which provided essential filming equipment, and Terminal Six Post, which handled post-production services.

In conclusion, the shooting location of “Replacing Chef Chico” is not just a backdrop but an integral part of the storytelling. It allows viewers to immerse themselves in the rich culture and cuisine of the Philippines while enjoying the engaging narrative. This series represents a significant step in showcasing Filipino talent and culture to a global audience, and it highlights the importance of location selection in creating an authentic and immersive viewing experience.

III. Main filming locations

The primary filming locations in “Replacing Chef Chico” are integral to the overall storytelling, as they provide the backdrop and atmosphere that immerse the audience into the world of the series. Here’s a closer look at these key filming locations:

  • Manila, Philippines: The bustling metropolis of Manila serves as the central setting for “Replacing Chef Chico.” As the capital and cultural hub of the Philippines, Manila offers a diverse urban landscape that mirrors the complexity of the characters’ lives. The cityscape, streets, and neighborhoods of Manila become essential elements in shaping the narrative.
  • Toyo Eatery: Toyo Eatery, situated within The Alley at Karrivin Plaza, holds a pivotal role in the series. This modern and innovative restaurant not only contributes to the visual appeal of the show but also represents a significant part of the culinary world within the story. It’s where characters gather, interact, and create culinary magic, making it a central location for pivotal moments.
  •  Fe Del Mundo Hospital: Fe Del Mundo Hospital, located in Quezon City, provides the setting for crucial scenes in the series, particularly those related to medical emergencies and dramatic developments. The hospital’s authentic portrayal adds a layer of realism to the storytelling.

These main filming locations have been carefully selected to create an immersive experience for viewers. They not only serve as visual backdrops but also play essential roles in character development and plot progression. Through these locations, “Replacing Chef Chico” captures the essence of Manila, the culinary world, and the emotional depth of its characters, resulting in a compelling and authentic viewing experience.

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