Delta Employee Misgender Video: Tommy Dorfman Confronts Staff At Laguardia Airport

In a recent incident at LaGuardia Airport, well-known transgender actress Tommy Dorfman faced a distressing encounter with Delta employees, leading to a heated confrontation captured in a now-deleted TikTok video. Dorfman, recognized for her role in “13 Reasons Why,” asserted that she was intentionally misgendered by the Delta staff. The video sparked a social media controversy, with individuals expressing both support and criticism. As Delta initiates an investigation into the incident, explores the details surrounding the “Delta Employee Misgender Video,” including Delta’s response, the varying public opinions, and insights into Dorfman’s career as an actress and host of the “My First Time” podcast.

Delta Employee Misgender Video: Tommy Dorfman Confronts Staff At Laguardia Airport
Delta Employee Misgender Video: Tommy Dorfman Confronts Staff At Laguardia Airport
Key Takeaways
The incident at LaGuardia Airport involved Delta employees misgendering transgender actress Tommy Dorfman.
A TikTok video captured Dorfman confronting the staff, highlighting the issue and sparking a social media controversy.
Delta is aware of the incident and has initiated an investigation to address the situation.
Opinions on social media vary, with some defending Dorfman and others suggesting she may have sought attention.
Tommy Dorfman is recognized for her roles in film and television, including “13 Reasons Why,” and hosts the podcast “My First Time.”
Delta remains engaged in the review process and is actively seeking input from customers to gain further insight.

I. Background: The Incident at LaGuardia Airport

In a recent incident at LaGuardia Airport, well-known transgender actress Tommy Dorfman faced a distressing encounter with Delta employees. Dorfman, recognized for her role in “13 Reasons Why,” asserted that she was intentionally misgendered by the Delta staff. The incident occurred while filmmaker Dylan Mulvaney, a friend of Dorfman, was awaiting a flight to Atlanta.

An initially posted TikTok video, later deleted, captured Dorfman admonishing the staff for initially referring to her as a woman and later correcting themselves to ‘he.’ In the video, Dorfman criticized the employees, stating that this was not the first time she had been intentionally misgendered. The Delta staff appeared unapologetic and purposeful in their misuse of pronouns.

Background: The Incident at LaGuardia Airport
Background: The Incident at LaGuardia Airport

II. Tommy Dorfman’s Experience with Misgendering

In this section, we will explore Tommy Dorfman’s personal experience with misgendering by Delta employees. Dorfman, a transgender actress widely known for her role in “13 Reasons Why,” encountered the incident at LaGuardia Airport where she was deliberately misgendered by two Delta staff members. This incident deeply affected Dorfman and led to her decision to confront the staff through a TikTok video.

The misgendering not only reflected an act of disrespect and disregard for Dorfman’s gender identity but also highlighted a larger issue surrounding the importance of accurate pronoun usage.

III. The TikTok Video: Dorfman Confronts Delta Staff

The Confrontation and Highlighted Issue

In the now-deleted TikTok video, Tommy Dorfman can be seen confronting the Delta staff at LaGuardia Airport after experiencing intentional misgendering. The video captures the tense moment as Dorfman admonishes the employees for referring to her initially as a woman and then correcting themselves to ‘he’. This incident sheds light on an ongoing issue faced by many transgender individuals who often struggle with being misgendered, leading to feelings of invalidation and discomfort.

Social Media Controversy and Public Opinion

The TikTok video quickly gained attention on social media, sparking a wave of both support and criticism. Supporters of Dorfman argue that she had every right to confront the staff about their misgendering behavior. They point out that such incidents contribute to systemic discrimination faced by transgender individuals in society. On the other hand, some critics suggest that Dorfman’s actions were fueled by a desire for attention rather than genuine concern. These divided opinions reflect broader discussions around gender identity and highlight the complexities surrounding inclusivity in daily interactions.

IV. Delta’s Response and Investigation

Delta Acknowledges the Incident

Following the TikTok video that captured Tommy Dorfman’s confrontation with Delta staff over misgendering, the airline has acknowledged the incident. Delta released a statement expressing their concern and commitment to ensuring all customers are treated with respect. The airline emphasized their dedication to inclusivity and diversity and highlighted their ongoing efforts to provide comprehensive training to their employees on gender identity and expressions. Delta’s response demonstrates their recognition of the seriousness of the situation and the need to address it appropriately.

Delta: “We Are Conducting a Thorough Review”

Delta has taken immediate action in response to the incident involving Tommy Dorfman. The airline stated that they are conducting a thorough review of the circumstances surrounding the misgendering incident. This review aims to determine the facts, assess employee conduct, and identify any necessary corrective actions. Delta’s commitment to conducting a comprehensive review underscores their dedication to ensuring a safe and inclusive environment for all passengers, regardless of gender identity or expression.

Engaging Customers for Further Insight

Recognizing the importance of gathering diverse perspectives, Delta has reached out to customers affected by the incident to gain further insight and understanding. By seeking input from those directly involved or who have witnessed similar incidents, Delta aims to gain a comprehensive understanding of what transpired and identify potential areas for improvement. This approach demonstrates Delta’s commitment to actively engaging with their customers and communities to shape the necessary policy changes and training initiatives that promote inclusivity in their organization.

V. Social Media Controversy: Support and Criticism

Critical Voices Emerged

Following the release of the TikTok video capturing Tommy Dorfman confronting the Delta staff, a wave of criticism emerged on various social media platforms. Some individuals questioned the authenticity of the incident, suggesting that Dorfman may have exaggerated the situation for attention and publicity. These skeptics pointed out that misgendering incidents are unfortunately common, and it seemed unusual for such an incident to gain significant traction. They argued that the video might not provide the full context of the encounter and emphasized the importance of gathering all perspectives before making judgments.

Strong Support for Dorfman

On the other hand, a sizable portion of social media users rallied behind Tommy Dorfman, lending their support and solidarity. They highlighted the emotional impact of intentional misgendering and stressed the significance of recognizing and respecting an individual’s gender identity. Supporters praised Dorfman’s courage to speak up and confront the Delta staff, expressing their own experiences with misgendering and advocating for increased awareness and education.

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