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  • Bao Anh Thai, Esq.Mr. Bao Anh Thai, Esq.

    Managing Partner

    Mr. Bao Anh Thai is the managing partner of Bao & Partners. ...

  • Ms. Nhung Vu LL.M.

    Senior Legal Counsel

    Ms. Vu Thi Nhung joined Bao & Partners as a Legal Counsel from 2009 to 2013 before working as Legal ...

  • Hua Minh Thanh LL.M.Mr. Hua Minh Thanh LL.M.

    Senior Legal Counsel

    Hua Minh Thanh practices as Bao & Partners’ senior legal cou...

  • Phan Minh HangMs. Phan Minh Hang

    Legal Counsel

    Phan Minh Hang is Bao & Partners’ Legal Counsel in Mergers &...

  • Dang Cam NhungMs. Dang Cam Nhung

    Legal Counsel

    Dang Cam Nhung practices as Bao & Partners’ Legal Counsel, s...

Mr.  Trong Diem Hoang, Esq.

Mr. Trong Diem Hoang, Esq.

Partner and Chief Representative in Hanoi Office

Education :

J.D. degree from Hanoi College of Law in 1996

Experience :

Member of Hanoi Bar

He graduated from the Hanoi Law School in 1996.

Before joining Bao & Partners, he had more than ten-year experiences in aviation. He worked for Northern Airports Authority as an aviation security inspector cum an in-house lawyer. With intensive knowledge and experiences, he participated in providing advices for drafting Civil Aviation Law, as well as plans on aviation safety and security for NoiBai International Airport, Cat Bi Airport, Vinh Airport, Na san Airport, and Dien Bien Airport.

He was also invited to co-operate with the Police of Dien Bien City, Military Affairs Committee of Dien Bien City for the purpose of setting up the plan on security and safety for the 50th anniversary of the battle of Dien Bien Phu.

Having the excellent background of information technology together with intensive legal knowledge, he moved to FPT Trading as a compliance officer.

From 2008 until now, he has joined Bao & Partners, and specializes in litigation, construction law, corporate law, aviation law, commercial law and labour law.